11 Jun 2024 by lbireha

Shaping the future of rehabilitation research together

Last week, the staff of the LBI RR met for a retreat in Untertauern, Austria. This meeting provided a valuable opportunity to discuss key research topics, make future plans and further intensify collaboration between the various disciplines and institutions.

A future third-party funding strategy was fine-tuned at the retreat. The participants discussed new projects and considered how collaboration between the Institute’s various locations can be further optimized. Specific plans were developed to further increase the excellence of our rehabilitation research and how innovative approaches can be implemented in patient care.
A central aim of the meeting was to get to know the individual team members even better and to strengthen the sense of community. As a rehabilitation research institute, we know the importance of physical activity and exercise very well, so the sporting aspect was not neglected. A joint cycling excursion enabled the participants to exchange ideas and do something for their health at the same time.
Overall, the meeting in Untertauern was a complete success. Not only did we work intensively, but we also laid the foundations for even closer and more effective cooperation. We look to the future with motivation and look forward to implementing the scientific projects we discussed.

a. Impressions of the retreat