Outpatient remobilization after total knee and hip arthroplasties


In the program region, especially in Austria, the frequency of hip and knee replacement surgeries is high compared to the rest of Europe. In recent years, there have been advances in both surgical techniques as well as in rehabilitation.

The aim of the study is to develop an alternative and inexpensive treatment scheme to better develop early outpatient remobilization. Another advantage of this early remobilization close to the homes of patients is that patients remain in their familiar social environment, which supports the rapid re-integration into everyday life.

The project is carried out in cooperation with orthopaedic and traumatology departments of acute hospitals, in addition to social insurance and health insurance companies in Vienna and Bratislava.

The results of the project will be made publicly available and will be transferred into practice by strategic partners.

a. X-ray image of a hip prosthesis
b. Frequency of A) total knee and B) hip replacements in Europe per 100,000 population (source: EUROSTAT).
c. Newspaper article about the project in Die Presse from 11.12.2021

Project Partners

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Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Rehabilitation Research

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Komenius Universität in Bratislava
Fakultät für Körpererziehung und Sport


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Funding Program: INTERREG Slovakia-Austria

Priority:1b Contribution to a smart and inclusive cross-border region

Duration: 01.04.2021 – 31.12.2022

Project Budget: 1 022 644,30 €

ERDF funding: 869 247,65 €